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16 Apr

Support to set up multiple companies in QuickBooks software

QuickBooks is a software that manages all companies’ files.  Are you running your own firm? Do you manage the operation of a different company? For both cases, the QuickBooks Desktop Support is going to be a wonderful tool. Also, many people have multiple businesses.  Thus, managing each of them in a systematic order is difficult. Moreover, in such a case, you need to take help from the operation of multiple companies in QuickBooks software. Earlier, the software was not that updated. Thus, for each company, the owner needs to get a different pack of QuickBooks software. In addition, it becomes really hard for businessmen to invest and operate the software separately. Now, the facility of multiple companies in QuickBooks software has made it worth.

Types of multiple companies in QuickBooks software

The QuickBooks software that runs multiple companies has two versions. One is offline version and the other is online version. Eve, folks get the same from the QuickBooks software developer. If you are using the desktop at office, install the same in your LAN.

Also, you can go for the online version. The benefit of multiple companies in QuickBooks software is many. Moreover, you can easily subscribe to the online version. You don’t have to think about the security. We will store all your data in the cloud. Each individual has different view point. Thus, the preference and likes will be different as well. In addition, at QuickBooks support service, the experts will satisfy all your individual demands.

Difference between online and offline QuickBooks pack

The online and offline QuickBooks software is made for you. If you think online subscription is good, go for it. Also, there are ways of getting offline QuickBooks installation.  But, many people wish to know the different between the two. Let us discuss it as under:

Facts on offline version

  • New company interview wizard is something that you have to use
  • In addition, a separate file is assigned for each company
  • Customize the file as per the need of each company
  • Moreover, now save the company file. For this you need to add new preliminary details of your company. The details on name, address, etc should be mentioned.
  • Save the file in a new location. You can choose your own location. QuickBooks will now create your new company file name
  • Next, enter other details of the company. There will be several fields to fill up. It is very important to fill up the maximum fields in this connection.
  • In addition, include the all your accounts. It may be credit and business account as well
  • After entering all the info, click the tab,’ finish’
  • This way you have installed the multiple companies in QuickBooks software in offline basis.

Facts on online version

Many individuals and businessmen prefer the online version. Today, people are too much internet savvy. Thus, they love to do everything online. For all those people multiple companies QuickBooks software installation in an online basis is the best. Following are the steps:

  • Go to the QuickBooks website and select the country
  • Now, pick the QuickBooks version. There will be options in front of you. Always go for the variation you like
  • Also, two will get two options while subscribing to the online version. Those are ‘buy it now’ and ‘ go for a free trial’. Choose the one that you wish to do
  • Create a new account. In this connection, you have to fill up the details one by one. If you already have an account, ‘ sign in ‘option is the one you will prefer.
  • The online version of the QuickBooks is password protected. Furthermore, you can don’t have to worry at all. The data that you have entered will be password protected.

Switching between companies

Now, you have come to know that two versions of the QuickBooks are used. Also, you can easily get the best deal. If you have more than two companies or multiple companies, the QuickBooks software is the best one. In addition, there is no need of having separate QuickBooks software. All will be done together in multiple loops. Get it today for best deal.  Following is the process:

  • Go to the main menu
  • Now, click on the tab ‘ file’
  • In addition, you will see several options.
  • The user must click on ‘open previous company’. Once you do that, you will be lead to another window. Also, you will find list of other companies
  • In addition, you can look at the company names and click on the specific company file.
  • This way, you can reach multiple companies and switch between each one

The facility of multiple companies in QuickBooks software will help you have several companies in a single sign in.

New sign in page in QuickBooks software

You can easily sign in to the new account. But, there are ways to get into the existing account. You can also create a new page

Even there are several versions of QuickBooks. You can explore them right away. Also, expert says to take the updated version. The back dated ones might have some update issues. Moreover, you will get more facilities with the updated and latest version of QuickBooks. The versions are as follows:

  • Simple start
  • Essentials
  • Plus

You can have a look at each of the versions and fine their features. The pros and cons are there as well. Also, if you are new to it, there will be two options in front of you. One will be free trial and the other one is buy now. In addition, if you wish to test it, go for the trial version. Normally, discounts are provided for the ‘buy now’ option of QuickBooks. The feature of multiple companies in QuickBooks software has impressed many of the users. You can easily grab it today for maximum benefit. If you face any trouble in the middle just call up the QuickBooks Technical Support customer care. They are very happy to help you during any trouble.

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