Get info on protection measure of QuickBooks company. You can get direct link to view the policy. Company provides commitment for QuickBooks support. The user must provide us with certain information. But, we will keep all the data safely. There will be no leakage or share of your personal information. The authority may speak about a charge for service. Folks must keep an eye on the site as updates takes place from time to time.

Our Collectable In Privacy Policy

The viewers or users must provide some information. We would like to collect info on your email address, postal address, interest, preference, demographic info etc. You must be wondering on our use of your info. Our expert need this info to provide better service. We access the info at first. Following are the uses:

Our Cookies Using Technique

You get a popup when cookies wish to enter your site. This is a small file that can stay in your hard drive. Cookies will appear only when you agree. This will give info on web traffic. We have a unique use of cookies. This helps us find out the use of single pages. Based on cookies info, we try out improve website. We get statistical data. But, don’t save your info. Once we get the statistical info, we will remove them easily.

Website Exclusion

Not everyone can access the website. Have you crossed 18 years of age? If anyone is younger than 18 years of age, he or she will be taken away from the website. We are covered by privacy of child privacy policy.

Other Website Links

Sometimes there are few links in our website. Once you click on those link, that will take you to a different web-site. We are not blamed for any info leak or privacy in those websites. You must think several times before clicking the unknown links. There is some caution address. You will be warned from beforehand.

Facts On Your Private Info

Sometimes you may have info very personal. You may not wish that to know others. If you provide your info with us, be assured about security. The privacy is another vital fact we abide. We only sue your info to send you some info-based promotion. We will send you offers and discounts on your email address. If you are interested, you can respond. You don’t have to say anything if you don’t have any interest.

Feedback And Comments

There is a feedback form in the website. You can post your feedback and comments over there. Expert will contact you immediately once you ask a question. The self-help option will give you some vivid data. There will be some vital questions. The answer of which you wish to know.

Look at the latest update date. There is repeated change of policy. It can change under government rules. You must accept the terms.


All the contents in our site is correct. Yet, the reliability of online quick book service is entirely at your risk. You must read everything before choosing service.

We clearly disclaim all the warranties (with limitation or without limitation). This include merchantability, title, fitness, compatibility, etc. You get information of accuracy, non – infringement, security etc.