The users access the website and the products/services. There are some terms and conditions which they need to agree upon. The agreement for indemnification is true when company face losses. We have some liability and limitations. User can make us accountable for that. They can also ask for a refund.

About our limitation/liability

We will pay refund on specific product and services. It is only possible if the situation fulfils the refund policy. We will only pay the refund amount that is less or equal to the price of the product you purchased. Do not expect a refund amount that is greater than the product price. You can get technical help from QuickBooks for free. But, this will be within the warranty period. If the guarantee or warranty expires, you cannot get any free service from our experts.

Billing/ payment through Credit or debit

Once you agree to apply charge on your credit or debit card, your banker is green signalled to transfer the said amount. The credit card issuer will transfer the fund of said amount. Once the credit card is charged, the issuer will agree and transfer the amount. The QuickBooks support team will help, if you are unable to complete your transaction. You can also pay the amount for quick book services through other ways. We accept payment through debit card or internet banking. Sometimes there lies server issues. In such case, money gets debited twice. Our system is made in such a way that, you get the refund of excess amount in few days.

Readiness of product

Our website presents the list of products. You can find it in various types. We mention about the availability of each product as presented in our website. Once you click on the product, we will mention whether the product is available or not. If the product is not present, you cannot pay for it.

Referral/ third party

Sometimes some phrase/word in our website has third party reference. If you click on the link, you will be directed to the other website. We are not liable for any mishap once you are in the platform of other website. Any damage or loss is your responsibility.


We at QuickBooks technical support comes with copyright. It is for all our products and services. It can be content or videos. No one can use our contents, videos or info in another website.


All the contents in our site is correct. Yet, the reliability of online quick book service is entirely at your risk. You must read everything before choosing service.

We clearly disclaim all the warranties (with limitation or without limitation). This include merchantability, title, fitness, compatibility, etc. You get information of accuracy, non – infringement, security etc.